I found out one of the guys was selling narcotics!” So Andrea’s goal was to up her game for quality, not quantity. First, I had her read my book, an earlier version of the book you currently have in your hands, so she could have a complete overview of the system. Then we focused on the screening techniques, since Andrea’s main desire was to find a man of quality, someone loaded with personality— “I’m tired of the awkward silences of natural pheromones!” she said. Then we practiced Ghost-Leading (see Chapter Nine), and immediately I could see Andrea’s eyes light up with stronger pheromone production. Learn more at http://pomm79.moonfruit.com/blog/4588864419/Meet-The-Phermones/9573173 and http://michaelspheros.blogspot.com/2015/03/with-or-without-pheromones.html

She totally got it. “Ah, so this is how I can be in control of what a man hears, so then I can control what he does !” I have to admit, for a second there, it really hit me that I had just passed the secrets of pickup to a woman, a secret that men have guarded for the last decade. And now that I could see that power being transferred, it kind of blew my mind. This was a vision I had held for a long time: for pickup skills to be used by men and women so that meeting strangers wouldn’t have to be such a painful process for everyone involved. And now, seeing Andrea’s excitement, I knew I was really onto something with greater pheromones. Because women are just better at pickup than guys. Instinctively. And having women know Game is like priming a canvas before you want to paint—it just makes the whole process easier. For everyone. But Andrea still had one obstacle standing in her way. Despite her beauty and seeming confidence, she suffered from pretty debilitating Approach Anxiety. Naturally, she considered herself a shy person, and when she met guys she often led with nervous laughter, or she escalated the situ- ation out of nervousness so fast that within a few minutes of meeting a guy, she’d be tonguing him down in a heavy make-out session with no intention of actually hooking up with him. It was almost like she would stick her tongue down his throat to stop the anxiety of actually having to have a conversation with the dude. And then she wondered why she wasn’t dating quality guys who adore human pheromones. Even if the guy she met was quality, her behavior gave him a clear signal: This girl is easy. She’s not girlfriend material. She’s a hot hook-up at best. We had to stop that vibe pronto. So, first we had to tackle the Approach Anxiety. Andrea really responded to two opening lines: “You’re looking at me like a fat kid looks at cake,” and “Do you know how attractive . . . I am?” She felt like if she used them to approach a guy, she would get a laugh and that laugh would instantly relax her. So Andrea wanted the option to use those lines as her openers instead of trying to Free Associate (see Chapter Nine) in the situation right off the bat. That was cool with me. Learn more at https://jail6letter.wordpress.com/2015/08/28/male-pheromone-cologne-odor/